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He really began heating up in mid-August; in his past 33 games, dating to Aug.11, his line is .301/.388/.788, 18 home runs, 33 RBIs.Michael Strahan mostly stayed out of the conversation.In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact.In 2000, the Hardy Boyz found a new manager in their real-life friend Lita. Throughout 2000 they continued feuding with Edge and Christian, defeating them for the WWF Tag Team Titles on two occasions.At Summer Slam the Hardy Boyz competed in the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, for the Tag Team Titles against the Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian, but were unsuccessful. Hardy believes that he was pushed to win the title because of Jeff winning the Intercontinental Championship, and because of the effort he put into his previous storyline with Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin.As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a 11-time world tag team champion, having held six World Tag Team Championships, one WWE Tag Team Championship, ROH World Tag Team Championship, one WCW Tag Team Championship, and two TNA World Tag Team Championships (the only man to have held all the said titles).

In fact, his first dinger, on June 24 against the White Sox, came in career game No. Bellinger’s first homer came in his fifth game, Abreu's in his eighth, Berger's in his third, Mc Gwire's in his fourth, Sanchez's in his ninth, Braun's in his second and Pujols' in his fourth.He has been even hotter of late, with a .333/.438/.963 line, 11 homers and 18 RBIs in his past 15 games.MORE: Judge, Stanton homers intersect with Maris In short, the 23-year-old Olson has become one of the many young power phenoms in baseball, following in the foosteps of Bellinger, Sanchez and Yankees rookie Aaron Judge.The homer tied him with Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez, Mark Mc Gwire and Wally Berger for the third-most all time after 65 games.Only the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger (24) and the White Sox's Jose Abreu (23) have hit more through 65 games, and Ryan Braun (21) and Albert Pujols (20) are the only other hitters with 20 or more homers in their first 65 games.

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