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But while their exploits may be radical, they are not destructive.

In “Access All Areas”, a definitive urbex text, Jeff Chapman writes that urban exploration should accord with the Sierra Club motto: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. After Messrs Makhorov and Raskalov place-hacked the Giza pyramids, the pair was banned from returning to Egypt. Shanghai’s government has leaned on Russian diplomats to reveal their real names.

There are perhaps 20,000 urbex hobbyists worldwide.

Messrs Makhorov and Raskalov can now fund their walks by selling photographs.

Critics see urban explorers as perilous, naïve, self-aggrandising (sky-walkers are fond of shots of their feet dangling over ledges) and even criminal.

In 2007 Alain Robert, the self-anointed "French Spider-Man", took 90 minutes to ascend and descend the exterior of the Jinmao Tower, the equivalent of 88 storeys, only to be detained at the bottom.

But the duo represents a new generation of sky-walkers from eastern Europe.

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