Updating ssl cert westboro baptist church dating site

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Even when I remove the old certificate from the browser it still gets sent the old one and not the new one. If you're using the centralized certificate store you'll want to be 100% sure the file is the latest version so go to your store directory and run this command: This will show you the expiration date and hash/thumbprint.

Obviously if this expiration date is wrong you probaly just exported the wrong certifcate to the filesystem so go and fix that first.

You can right-click on the site and choose edit bindings.

In there, you should see a binding for port 443 that is associated with an SSL cert. I had the same issue and checked the bindings also.

updating ssl cert-26

It seems to sometimes pick up new files immediately, but cache old ones.

Opening and resaving the SSL binding after making any kind of change seems to reset it but not 100% of the time.

Good luck :-) Check the certificate that is bound to the site in IIS.

Installers are Plugins used with the command to install a certificate.

These plugins can modify your webserver’s configuration to serve your website over HTTPS using certificates obtained by certbot.

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