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Unlike those turn-of-the-century Fifth Avenue Buildings, rising straight up from the sidewalk, crammed next to one another, 240 CPS was allowed more space on which to be built.The structure's overall shape has a certain moulded quality, in keeping with the art-deco style in fashion when it was designed in 1940."Ha, I built that." There follows a tracking shot of the free-standing apartment complex, 240 Central Park South (in reality several miles to the north).As seen in the movie, 240 CPS certainly had a few things going for it.The downtown building he tries to smash, but which deals him his fatal blow, was the real-life World Building (rendered as part of a matte painting of Newspaper Row, but again horizontally flipped as a mirror-image, presumably to achieve a better background balance.) Designed by the prolific highrise architect George B.

" Powerless in the face of Wynand's building, Cameron can attack only its image — and this he does.

There are corner windows and series of fin-like corner balconies, enhancing the streamlined effect.

But after all is said and done, "Cameron's" building looks too much like the functional and soulless municipal housing projects for low and medium income families which were proliferating throughout the five boroughs in the post-war era.

Although using the then-innovative construction technique of the hybrid steel "cage" frame, the building's ornate Renaissance style was older by several centuries. "Howard, look at those buildings," exclaims the dying Cameron.

"Skyscrapers, the greatest structural invention of man, yet they made them look like Greek temples, Gothic cathedrals and mongrels of every ancient style they could borrow, just because others have done it." Flashing by through the ambulance window (here the studio used the technique of moving images filmed on location and back-projected onto a screen on the Hollywood set) is a six-block stretch of real-life highrises along lower Fifth Avenue, most of them dating from around the turn of the century.

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