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We also robbed millions from a repayment of Federal levee bonds that should have been used to repay the bonds.We could have built a larger facility at the Sanford Sports Complex with a public/private partnership with Sanford.I consider this one of the biggest failed negotiations of the Huether administration.The city administration building was a gigantic middle finger to the taxpayers of Sioux Falls that was decided by one person who manipulated his executive powers and crapped on 6,400 petition signers.The problem with that is that it’s the taxpayer’s money, OUR money, not the little dictator’s at 9th & Main.

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Not only their pending legal issues nationally, conflicts of interest with the consultant that recommended them and the ‘Phantom’ ambulances, we could have saved consumers $$ while helping to fund our Fire Department.The indoor aquatic center was poorly planned and based on a campaign of lies and confusing ballot language.The location can not be expanded and built on land the Federal government has the quit claim deed on.He has cost us AND the citizens of SD (Public Assurance Alliance) millions in legal battles that we didn’t have to fight because of the incompetent and non-transparent administration he runs.Water rates and regulations have only gone up in numbers while sales tax revenue has tumbled, only to take this extra money and put it in a savings account.

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