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Her decision to leave was so much braver,” Haggis wrote.“I will leave it to you to decide if the same can be said of Scientology’s executives and Leah’s many former friends -- especially those Scientologists who are watching her be smeared now and are choosing to stay silent.” The silence from Scientologists may not last for long, but those “former friends” Haggis speaks of may not have nice things to say, according to veteran publicist Roger Neal.“No one is going to tell me how I need to think, no one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to," the actress told People Magazine.

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In the film, director Alex Gibney is especially critical of famous church members Tom Cruise and John Travolta for allegedly turning a blind eye to the reported harassment suffered by church members.

“Since Leah raised the issue of the imprisonment of Miscavige’s own wife, it is likely you will see more Scientology PR on being ‘human rights’ advocates.’” The Church’s website lists a vast array of long-running human rights campaigns and global initiatives to help those in need, such as offering rehabilitation and prevention programs for those suffering substance abuse, as well as “Applied Scholastics” to raise literacy levels for children.

Mike Rinder, a former rep for the Church of Scientology – whose job it was to control disasters like Remini’s departure until he left a few years ago – noted in his personal blog that the organization is “going all out to attempt damage control internally on the withering blasts that have been exposing some of the nasty, not to be spoken about underbelly of life in corporate Scientology.” “Where the real panic is occurring is in trying to keep the faithful on board.

I think over that time, she harbored her doubts, but the thought of actually leaving and the trouble it might cause in her family kept her nominally in the church,” he explained.

“Then, in 2011 she stuck up for Paul Haggis and that brought down another round of harassment from ethics officers.

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