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This year the theme of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is "Discover, Remember and Share".

Your descriptive text can be in the language of your choice (or even better... Your contributions will be automatically added to the list of Word day events on this page (the latest added event will appear at the top of the list). Pelo terceiro ano, o Icict e a Casa de Oswaldo Cruz promovem, no mês de novembro, uma atividade de debates em torno da preservação do patrimônio audiovisual.

Its authors, who come from fifteen different countries and institutional contexts, explore the diversity of sound and image collections, and highlight innovative, creative and cost-effective strategies for coping with constant technological change and meagre resources.

Published jointly by ICCROM (organizers of the SOIMA training programme) and KIK-IRPA (hosts of the 2015 conference), it is now freely available as a resource on the Presto Centre Library under a Creative Commons license. La Cineteca Nacional de Chile celebró el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual en el marco del VII Encuentro de Investigación sobre Cine Chileno y Latinoamericano, instancia que organiza la Cineteca y que reúne a especialistas de todo el continente.

Remember: Audio-visual archives are a cornerstone of the memory of the world, with recordings that enable recall for future generations and give context to our shared history, culture and humanity for over a century.

Promote a greater understanding of the unique role of audiovisual archives and the need for it to be safeguarded , preserved and protected as part of our world heritage.

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