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Another nice art twist is how they do the shadowy face and the teardrop mouth.

They're good choices to keep the animations a little more unique.

The strongest part of the show is the comedy and if you know anything about Domu is that this is where they shine the best.

No matter what setting they have, just as long as they have girls in the story they can make the funniest situations out of NOTHING.

Like Marina Inoue does the voice of Kana, she also did the voice for Yoko (Gurren Lagann) and Mina (Getsumento).

And Minori Chihara (of Yuki Nagato and Minami Iwasaki fame) doing the voice as the usually quiet Haruka.

Kana is they energetic outgoing idiot, whereas Chiakiis the quiet conservative genius.

The third sister, Haruka is only there as an easy medium to balance out the Minami-ke formula.

It all works just fine to promote a warm cozy enviroment. There are a few high kicks thrown in for laughs but overall the humor and comedy keeps the visuals from being too much of a distraction.

Literally the only settings that are shown for this show is going to be the girls apartment and the classroom.

Each episode will have a different location to keep things fresh but things are usually kept in those two locations.

They do a great job of subtly filling out all the details of their unique personalities that you get a very strong feeling that they're real and you know them, from the serene and nurturing Haruka to Kana's crazy, pedal to the metal perspective on life and the fact that little Chiaki makes you wonder if a dry, jaded old man somehow got stuck in an elementary school girl's body. I've already rewatched episodes and it still cracks me up on repeat viewings. 95% like Ichigo Mashimaro But what do you expect from the same production company? Three would be the bare minimum for a slice of life comedy about a plain depiction of the days of the lives of the Minami sisters.

And I think other people love this show too, but this is just my guess. Okay well considering there are 7 reviews about minami ke when i finished watching this. Even before the show starts it says don't expect to much.

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