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The mission of the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to prepare compassionate practitioners who are solidly grounded in the tradition of Chinese medicine, who are able to integrate this tradition within the Western health care system, and who have a spirit of innovation that enables them to adapt a 4000-year-old medicine to 21st-century needs.

NYCTCM Core Values: COMPASSION – In addition to knowledge of TCM theory and mastery of techniques necessary to apply that theory, NYCTCM graduates will bring the emotional qualities of empathy, respect and compassion to all their treatment sessions.

Through our educational programs, publications, and practitioner resources, we hope to advance the practice and integration of authentic traditional Chinese medicine in Western society.

The TCM World Foundation’s objectives include:* To serve as a source of information on the philosophy, principles, theories, modalities, and practice of authentic TCM and the classical Chinese internal martial arts, such as Qigong and Taiji.* To support the practice of authentic TCM to widen health-care options for the public.* To support an expanded concept of health and healing in contemporary medicine.* To educate individuals on the steps they can take in prevention and self-healing.* To foster a dialogue between Western and Eastern medical schools and communities in the US to improve the quality of training for practitioners of TCM.* To facilitate forums for interdisciplinary collaborations.* To foster balance and harmony in the individual, the community, society, and the world as a whole.

TRADITION – NYCTCM graduates will have a thorough understanding of and deep respect for traditional Chinese principles of treatment, including their cultural and philosophical context.

INTEGRATION – NYCTCM graduates will have a fundamental understanding of the Western medical approach, and will be able to integrate their practice of TCM within the Western health care system.

Or are their eyes trained on some other lands, as OCWs? Are our children now being encouraged to love things Filipino?

When we were young, we were made aware of the NEPA (National Economic Protectionism) policy.

The educational components of the Foundation are geared toward the general public and health-care professionals as well as organizations from both the mainstream and complementary and alternative medicine communities.Can we drum up some more on the “Buy Pilipino” movement?It should make us wince in pain every time we see factories, and small shops and stores closing down.A statue of the Oblation occupies a prominent place in my office.I am writing to let you know that for me, and perhaps for many others like me, what you in media are doing, putting in print for our information the heroic acts and the idealism of these young men, in these times, is itself Heroism.

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