Husbands sex chat divorce custody

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What followed was a traumatic court battle which saw a judge hand custody of her eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter to their father, who lives on benefits in a council house.To add insult to injury, the judge ordered Karen to pay maintenance to her former husband.For a while, this very modern arrangement appeared to be working out perfectly.

What choices you may make with respect to raising your children, for example, is definitely not our area of expertise.

In most divorces, there is a period after the marriage is over in the minds of the parties, but before the marriage is over in the eyes of the law.

This is a difficult period for both parties, because they're torn between two competing ideas: fidelity to the now-ended but not legally finished marriage, and equally strong desire to move on and start a new life.

A couple may decide it's more beneficial for a woman to work and a man to stay at home with the children.' But there are consequences to this set-up.

'If that's how they have chosen to arrange their lives, why would it be fair that if they split up, the mother should get custody just because she is a woman? 'If the husband is the main carer during the marriage and it breaks down, it is likely that the court will seek to preserve that arrangement.

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