Grey grey dating

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It’s good to see those two actually getting along after all the bickering they’ve done this season! After Pierce successfully completed the difficult surgery, Meredith was feeling confident and asked Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) on a not-date.“It’s two people hanging out to see if we enjoy hanging out,” she said.Watch the five top moments from Thursday’s episode of the hit ABC drama in our video recap above, and read on for the details! It was Pierce’s first day back to work, and she was not taking it easy.She performed a difficult surgery, even though everyone was doubting her emotional stability.However, she nailed it, and proved the naysayers wrong. “I’m doing my job while everyone is staring and telling me I’m not up for it.” Edwards Has an Admirer Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) was completely convinced that when Isaac Cross (Joe Adler) came into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, he was faking having an off-the-wall disease. After a series of tests, it turned out the intern actually had abdominal tuberculosis.Luckily, April Kepner (Sarah Drew) was able to cure him before things got worse, which made Edwards feel super guilty.When her roommate, Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford), becomes ill and is unable to interview Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a 27-year-old billionaire entrepreneur, for the college newspaper, Ana agrees to go in her place.

On the Thursday, March 9, episode, the divided doctors of Grey’s Anatomy continued to feud over the hospital’s leadership (but seriously, how could you not be Team Webber? Webber asked me to come back — there was no folding.” April (Sarah Drew), who was “interim chief” during Meredith’s absence, clearly enjoyed her brief taste of power and begrudgingly handed the reins back over. Catherine not-so-slyly mentioned the Avery Trauma Center in Chicago, and indicated that April could take on a big-time role there. Things haven’t exactly been going so well in Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen’s (Kevin Mc Kidd) marriage lately.“I have people to take care of, and you are not one of them,” Meredith said before slamming the door in his face.Maybe when Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) said during the beginning of the episode that he didn’t like Riggs, Meredith actually listened.But when a trauma patient arrived to the loading dock, and Owen called out for neuro, Amelia rushed over to the gurney, saying, “Neuro’s here.” After the surgery (the patient didn’t make it), the couple were forced to confront their emotions, and ultimately, their marriage. Alex (Justin Chambers) was back in the pediatric wing (where he most definitely belongs), and surprise, so was De Luca (Giacomo Gianniotti). In keeping with the title of the episode, the aptly chosen “Civil War,” Jackson (Jesse Williams) defiantly drew the battle lines with his mother over the Webber-Mennick controversy.It’s clearly going to be a rocky road ahead, but when Owen asked Amelia, “Do you want to be married to me? As the awkward pair shared an elevator ride together, however, they more or less made peace. Actually, Jackson told his mother he planned on using his role on the hospital’s board to supercede her authority.

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