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Similar to hundreds of other Orange County employees that we’ve represented in the past, your fact-pattern may involve other related claims that you are not aware of. Accordingly, when there’s one instance of Wrongful Termination in the workplace, there most likely are other rights that were violated and that would undoubtedly bolster your case.

Ensure that your case receives the attention and expertise that warrants the highest possible settlement amount by contacting our office before running out of time by strict time requirements.

When you contact Stephen Danz and Associates, you will speak with a firm that has a reputation for effective litigation, years of experience in negotiation, and an attorney that will review the facts of your case with you and instruct you on the steps needed to protect your rights.

To review your case for no obligation, speak to our Age Discrimination Attorneys in Orange County today at 877-789-9707.

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They may force the older employees to work harder shifts, lift certain equipment, or allow unreasonable harassment to continue.Employees may not be terminated or mistreated for serving on juries or reporting for military duties.These laws are extensive and thus only a specialized Wrongful Termination attorney such as those at our firm can counsel you on these and other related laws and filing obligations.If an employee experiences any of the aforementioned behavior (and a number of others that we will list below), he or she may have a claim for Wrongful Termination.When such event takes place, we recommend that you, as the victim of Wrongful Termination, contact our firm to speak with an Orange County based employment lawyer for a free consultation.

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