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I just want to let you know that I'm also working on "A Modest Proposal" for those wondering.

I plan on finishing Kiss Me Freely before posting A Modest Proposal, or at least finishing the first three chapters of A Modest Proposal (I have two done) before posting them, just so that the readers won't be waiting too long for updates.

"A Modest Proposal" will, obviously, be much longer and therefore take longer to complete. Note: if you add me as a friend on my facebook (link above) please send a message saying that you're from here and tell me who you are.

I've been getting a few random friend-adds on facebook lately and I've been ignoring them. I has come to my attention that with these new FF changes, facebook sites no longer appear on the profiles.

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Warning: has to be the nastiest of all my oneshots. It Began with a Muggle Contraption - Latest oneshot.

Possible scandal, lemony goodness, and a lot of random, PMS-style emotion will follow.

Note: I will most likely write it out first, and then post the chapters eventually.

I also prefer writing M fics; I don't like having to edit or censor things; I feel it just makes it harder to write exactly what I want to write. Morning Shower - two-part oneshot, Draco/Hermione, sexy lemon in a shower, with a bit of humor on the side. Leather and Lace -- Mimato, OOC, a crime novel with a BDSM twist. What happens when they find out they more than each other's help? (better summary in story) Spontaneity and Excitement - Finale of Draco/Hermione Sexcapades Trilogy (Morning Shower, Revenge of the Muggle-Born and this one).

If I feel it sounds better with a curse word, then I will put it in. Now, onto my works: Completed Works (note: I do plan on editing each and every one of these in the near future): Secrets Tied in a Big Red Bow -- Mimato, almost Harlequin romancy, which scares me, but still rather cutesy and fluffy. Aphrodisiac -- first ever oneshot, Draco/Hermione, non-stop lemon, mostly caused by something Hermione wasn't supposed to drink. I was very impressed by the number of reviews I got from this one and consider this to be my best written oneshot. Hermione asks Draco to add more excitement and spontaneity in their sex lives.

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