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When people are desperate enough to try this gambit, it means they have given up on their prayers to God to reveal his choice for the lonely Christian’s mate.

It is to admit that no name or picture will come in a dream or a still small voice.

I am not sure that Nietzsche’s “transvaluation of values” means much more than that. But I believe that many pretty harmless things hint at tendencies, principles, realities that underlie them and may manifest elsewhere in more serious, even dangerous forms.

Especially when they claim to be representing Almighty God.

“You don’t agree with reality as the State defines it? ” Certainly, many have regarded me as crazy or at least heretical for views I hold.

But I take my clue from Patrick Mc Goohan’s TV series : “I am not a number. ” At least as free as I can be from the cookie cutter catechism of the institutions around me.

Christian Mingle embodies, of all things, a reductive and insidious God concept.

The commercial promises the viewer God’s guidance through the medium of their computers.

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If apparent and immediate factors are sufficient to account for a phenomenon, then it becomes superfluous to posit some other, more elaborate causal factor. The Protestant megachurches with their Bible ventriloquists barking marching orders from the pulpit.Please understand me: my reactions stem not from any anti-Evangelical animus, though, as you know, I am pleased to have put those childish things behind me many years ago now.Nor do I even think the Born-Again dating computer idea is a bad one.That doesn’t mean I cannot approve and agree with some or many things they do or say.It just means that the choice, and the obligation to make an informed choice, belong to me. If lonely Christians find mates through something like Christian Mingle, good for them.

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