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It is: Essentially Tinder, but women make the rules and determine if contact will be made. Who you want to find: A young, fun professional with an adventurous spirit.

The Dear Zindagi actor, who has already become a force to reckon with, has usually shied away from divulging much about herself.I have already reviewed this fragrance but I have to add something. Y vanilla or tonka that might be in this fragrance, is not not noticeable to me. My skin brings out first the spicy side of this fragrance, especially cloves and then garanium and narcissus.If anyone has the chance to smell the body lotion, please do - the lotion, not the cream. I have been known in the past to change my opinion on these grand-dames of fragrance, but I have given CN several chances and have come to the same conclusion each time. Strangely the fresh citrus top notes come after a couple of hours and quite intensively.It is divine and pure luxury and smells like what Coco Noir should smell like. The balsamic sweet base is strongly present on me at the end of the day.There is heavy emphasis on the orange note and the underlying salt adds a sweet softness. Grapefruit, bergamot, francincense, geranium, rose, patchouli, fruit and an added kick of sandalwood. I love the bottle, because it suggests a sweet, balsamic and woody parfum with strong personality, but it doesn't fit to the parfum I smell on my skin.

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